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Elaboration of Business Plan

We support small and medium enterprises, for their inclusion in development programs:

  • Evaluation of the proposal

  • Investigating optimal source of funding

  • Submission of investment proposals for funding

  • Management / monitoring of approved investment projects and their completion

Program Management

The business plan summarizes the financial and non-financial objectives of a business.

It also records the way it is organized, with the aim of its sustainability. It is important that the company draws up a business plan, for use by a funding body. The preparation of a business plan is often required for the company's participation in financing from Business Angels or other financing projects.

Sustainability Studies

Business Research & Market Research

The main purpose of conducting a feasibility & feasibility study is to quantify the costs and benefits that a business can obtain through an investment. We make this task easier by analyzing the various variables that affect each investment and concluding if it should be completed or how the business move in question will be achieved.

Market research measures & studies consumer habits & needs.

The aim is to collect & process information to strengthen the strategies followed by the company and to resolve possible problems it faces. It is very important to conduct such surveys frequently.

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