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Submissions Open for Switch Device Business Program

I'm changing device

The submission of applications to participate in the " Change device for businesses " program, with a total budget of 105.6 million euros, began on 22/02/2024 .

The program is aimed at existing businesses - small (including very small), medium and large - that are active in the Greek Territory with a Greek VAT number, are active on the date of submission of the application for participation and have been established until 31.12.2023

The main objectives of the Program are to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and their processes in accordance with the objectives defined in the ESEK, the saving of financial resources from the reduction of energy consumption as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. On the one hand, the use of high energy efficiency equipment is expected to significantly reduce the average energy cost of the Greek business. On the other hand, lower demand for electricity implies less production from fossil fuels or non-renewable sources. It is noted that the goal of the program (which must be followed) is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and specifically carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an average of 30%.

The amount of the grant

Small businesses can apply for a subsidy with a maximum amount of eligible costs of 20,000 euros , with the percentage of the aid amounting to 50% of this, i.e. up to 10,000 euros . Medium and large enterprises can apply for a subsidy with a maximum amount of eligible costs of 25,000 euros, with the aid rate reaching 40% of them, therefore also up to 10,000 euros.

What is enhanced:

Beneficiary companies will receive support in order to install energy-efficient equipment, regarding the following:

  • Heating systems using heat pumps (including solar thermal systems for increasing the efficiency of heat pumps and through heat storage)

  • Solar heating systems

  • Smart energy meters (behind the grid meter)

  • Other energy-saving interventions, through the installation of energy-efficient equipment and systems to save energy in the production, storage, distribution of products, as well as the operation of companies

Start of Submission of Applications : 22/02/2024

Application Deadline : Until the budget is exhausted

Geographical Area : All of Greece


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