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Transition to innovative, extroverted and smart expertise in Central Macedonia Region

Transition to innovative, extroverted and intelligent expertise


The Action "Transition to innovative, extroverted and smart specialization" of the "CENTRAL MACEDONIA" Program 2021 - 2027 aims to strengthen the activities of the priority sectors of the National Smart Specialization Strategy, as they are specialized for each Region (Regional Endpoints).

Each investment project, in order to be eligible, should be documented to be linked to a Regional Outcome of the priority sectors of the National Strategy of Smart Specialization (S3) and the costs included in it should serve the following areas of intervention of each outcome (this condition is a basic condition for the inclusion of an action in the Action, therefore, when submitting the funding application, detailed and realistic documentation linking the investment plan and the proposed costs with the intervention areas of the Regional Outcome that they will ultimately serve, as well as with the investment KAD is required ).

Target Audience

Existing micro, small and medium enterprises.

The investment plan should be linked to a Regional Outcome of the priority areas of the National Smart Specialization Strategy (S3).

Area of application

Region of Central Macedonia

What is funded

The subsidized budget of each investment project ranges from €60,000 to €400,000.

The public expenditure for all investment projects amounts to 45% of the subsidized budget, while the remaining amount is covered by private participation.



Expenditure Eligibility Date:

The date of publication of the Call for Action.


  • Salary Cost of Newly Hired Personnel

  • Production & Mechanical Equipment

  • Digital office equipment

  • Production & Mechanical Equipment

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Buildings, facilities and surroundings

  • Cost of consulting services

  • Software supply/use services

  • Costs of providing services for product and process development studies

  • Certification of services & procedures

  • Packaging Design – Label – Branding Services

  • Intellectual property – Patents – Transfer of know-how

  • Expenses for participation in trade fairs

Submission period

from 22/1/2024 to 22/5/2024

Funding applications in which all the mandatory fields of OPSKE have not been completed will not be able to be submitted and proceed to the next stage.


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